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Why people love the Hustle

Hustle is a specific type of dance for a specific type of music. It was designed to be a fast, flashy dance for club and party music. It is the “sports car” of the dance family.


Most people from the 1970s and 1980s fell in love with Hustle dancing because it was associated with good times and good friends. It creates a happy feeling just by playing music associated with the dance. People who learn it today are able to use it to dance to music on the radio and use it to have a great time at a local night-club.


The foot-work of the dance is quite simple and the pattern structure is attainable relatively quickly. This makes Hustle one of the top learned dances at studios in the United States.


Why people might struggle with Hustle


Although Hustle has foot-work that is rather easy to master, it is the most dynamic dances in existence (it has a high pattern count per beat structure – 3 beats). During most patterns, both partners are changing places and/or changing directions. To the observer, this makes the dance exciting; to the dancer, this makes the dance physically demanding.