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The Hustle Today

Today dancers from the former era are still passing on their knowledge to younger dancers. The dance is relatively new as far as partner dances are concerned. This means that the Hustle of today has evolved since its first steps. Tempos today are a little slower than fast disco versions that burned out the dance in the early 1980s and the dance has been refined in every way. Music still ranges from classics from the original era to contemporary radio remixes and club house music.


Even though Hustle has been bastardized on shows like “So You Think You Can Dance” to be called Disco (such as by choreographer Doriana Sanchez who butchers movements from the movie Saturday Night Fever), Hustle still remains a partner dance (not a line-dance) that is used both socially and competitively throughout the country. Hustle is still the best dance to impress your friends within 30 seconds or less.