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Common steps of the Hustle

The basic idea of Hustle


  1. The Leader and Follower generally switch positions during each pattern.


  1. The Follower is generally moving linearly in a “slot” while the Leader uses “rails” (positions outside the slot) to guide the Follower.


  1. The Leader either does a back-break, side-break or front-break (ball-change / Left-foot to right foot) on the &1. The Follower usually only does a back-break (ball change / Right-foot to Left foot) on the &1.


  1. Movement is generally smooth.


  1. Hustle can be slotted, as well as rotational (the slot can warp as well as move). The dance can either be done on-spot or use traveling patterns to change position on the dance floor.



Basic – similar to the basic from single-step swing, except rock step is at beginning


Turn – 180° clockwise turn taken between 2 and 3 count, followed by a rock step


Left Turn – 180° counterclockwise turn taken between 1 and 2 count, followed by a rock step


Side Break – lead sends follow out still holding her left hand, then picks her back up


Wheel – couple in double hand-hold, pumps arms like a bellows; couple as a whole rotates 180° clockwise


Inside Turn or Loop Turn – similar to the loop turn from swing; follower twirls 360° counterclockwise


Wrap – similar to wrap from the western swing but the footing is the same as a half turn for the hustle


Two hand turn – uses 180° turn footing, before the step the lead takes the followers right hand in his, then proceeds as if completing a wrap but changes back to mirror two hand position halfway through the step.