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Bachata Music

Best bachata songs
10. Mi corazoncito-Aventura
09. Corazon sin cara- Prince Royce
08. Casi Casi- Toby Love
07. Mi santa- Romeo Santos
06. Por un segundo-Aventura
05. La diabla- Romeo Santos
04. Bachata heightz-Me puedo matar
03. Obsesion- Aventura
02. Romeo y Julieta-Aventura
01. Promise- Romeo Santos ft Usher

This week in the Advanced Salsa Class at LDA, we did a recap of the past 4 salsa moves to help people remember them, so there’s no new move for this week. in the meantime, here’s my favourite 10 Bachata songs.

Not being a big listener of Bachata in general, I got help from Australia’s most influential Bachata teacher and promoter, and one of the directors of the Sydney International Bachata Festival, Nestor Manuelian. Half of these are his choices.

X-Treme – Te Extraño
Luis Fonsi – No me doy por vencido
Aventura – Peligro
4Ever – Porque Te Amo
Don Omar ft Hector El Torito – Maldito Email
Domenic Marte – Deseos de Amarte
Aventura – Obsesion
Zacarias Ferreira – Amiga Veneno
Prince Royce – Mi Ultima Carta
Aventura – Dile Al Amor
As you can probably tell, I’m more of a fan of the newer stuff than the old traditional stuff, although I expect a proper roasting when I put this up on Facebook 🙂

Update: As expected, A number of other great songs have come up in since I posted this, so for completeness’ sake, here’s another few great Bachata songs:

Monchy y Alexandra – Dos Locos
Juan Luis Guerra – Bachata Rosa
Monchy y Alexandra – Hoja en blanco
Aventura – Mi corazoncito
Anthony Santos – Por Mi Timidez
Zacarias Ferreira – Me Libere
Michael Bublé – Home
Mojito Project & Romy feat. Croma Latina – Te Quedas Te Vas
Grupo Rush – Jasmine
Sarah Connor – From Sarah with Love
Edward Maya – Stereo Love Bachata Mix
Aventura – Our Song
Aventura – Ensename a Olvidar